Welcome to GolfTrainingAidReview.com! This is the place where you can find  reviews on all of your golf training aids. We post reviews  to help you become a better golfer.

Every golfer wants to be better. perhaps you want to be your friends on the weekend or impress the boss, either way, we will help you find your way better golf.

This website is organized by the type of training aid you want to research. We start with swing trainers because these are the most popular. Everyone from beginners to scratch players are looking for a better swing. Better swing will help you to the ball more consistently, had more greens, and stay out of the rough. A better swing is the cornerstone to a better game and lower scores. Plus, everyone loves the long ball. A pretty golf swing is very impressive thing. 

The next thing we cover is the putting aid. In reality, we all know that putting is just as important to your golf game as a good swing. Putting is one thing that we do on every single hole. You can cut several strokes off of your game with putting alone.  Putting is incredibly important. So make sure you get a chance to check out  the putting trainers. We have listed.

In addition to the physical training aids that you can find on this website, you'll also find books and videos that can help your golf game immensely. These may cover  the entire swing, the short game, or putting. These books and videos are often much more in depth and offer detailed explanations of ways to better your game. in fact, it's often beneficial to go through a book or video and then to augment  your training with the physical trainer that addresses your weaknesses.

Of course,  none of this will replace a certified teaching professional who can actually look at your golf swing  and help you improve. However, if you don't have the time for the money for frequent lessons, these training aids may be just the ticket.most of the training aids, you'll find on this website are backed by big names and well-known professional. Make sure to take this with a grain of salt. These endorsements may indicate that their systems actually work,  but try to realize that they also have something to gain by selling. When in doubt, go with the tried and true training aids.

Whichever way you decide to go, we hope we can help you improve. Good luck and let us know if we can be of any assistance!

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Featured Swing Trainer Reviews


It provides a resistance on the back leg and gives you feedback on where your leg needs to stay during the golf swing. It's important you position the Load-n-Fire training...

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A resilient non-elastic strap, the Arm Master brings together the upper arms and the body while taking a strike, during backswing, impact and follow through positions. By ensuring a synchronized...

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Smart Path Golf Swing Trainer

PGA Touring Pros & PGA Teaching Pros know that the Smart Path swing trainer provides immediate improvement and lasting results. Maximize your distance, Correct hooks and slices, Eliminate fat and...

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Featured Putting Trainer Reviews

Daito Greenberry

Putting with your own GREENBERRY is like having a PERSONAL PRO TRAINER in your pocket Daito introduces an electronic portable personal putting trainer that will revolutionize your golf game. Made...

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Nuru Viz U

A 3 in 1 golf training aid that helps you: square your stance, square your putter and visualize the first 8 inches of your putts A good putt is determined...

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Exelys Breakmaster

How good are you at every putt that comes your way, is it that like the other majority you also tend to blame your judgment, even when you feel you...

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